Power To The People

L.J.Hooker challenged us to show the strength of the Gold Coast Network which encompasses 17 offices.

The franchise’s founder Sir Leslie Hooker once said: “Real estate isn’t about property. It’s all people.”

We used this as our inspiration for a piece which saw us hire Metricon Stadium, at night, and under lights, as hundreds of ‘people’ – Agents, Staffers, family and friends – poured in from all directions to raise a 5,000’ L.J.Hooker flag, showing both strength, purpose and team-work.

We filmed the production on three ground cameras plus Greg Weather’s platinumDRONES outfit – a two-person operation running an INSPIRE.

“A flawless production.” Paul Moore. Queensland Co-Ordinator.

Client: L.J.Hooker. 

Project: ’Power To The People’

Mediums: TV, Cinema & Social Media campaign.

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