75 Rusty Court – Tallebudgera

75 Rusty Court – Tallebudgera

Creativity can be a torment. You have this image in your head that you have to exorcise – and that usually involves a degree of pain. The more suffering, the better the shot.

For Rusty Court, it was a woman in a cowboy hat in this horizonless pool, with implied nudity.

There’s nothing like a hint of side boob to really wind the real estate industry up.

We had two cracks at nailing the shot. One in the morning, where we got close, but still no cigar.

In the afternoon, the sun was low over the hinterlands and we used two bounce boards and a house mirror to get the light in, and wound the white balance up to 7,300 to warm it up. I max my contrasts out to crush the blacks and pop the colours.

Given the overnight turnaround time on many of my residential property shoots, we do almost everything in camera, except the occasional matte.

Filmed on the Epic W, primarily on Canon cinema glass.

Special thanks to Candace Diamond who enduring one very cold pool.

Client: Scott Keatley 

Project: ’75 Rusty Court’

Mediums: Social Media.

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